We believe that there is value in each and every story.
Our mission is to celebrate it.

At Kin, we’re bringing people of all backgrounds together over the celebration of culture.

We’re excited to welcome you to our vibrant community, where we embrace the experiences that empower and unite us.

/kin/ - a group of people with common ancestry

Kin was started by Kwabena & Kameni, two founders on a mission to share the richness of their home continent, and promote the exchange of stories from both within and beyond Africa’s borders.

Our logo is an adaptation of Ghana’s nkonsonkonson Adinkra symbol. A cultural expression of human relations, it reminds us that there is strength in unity.

It is this mindset that permeates everything we do – from our dedication to giving back, to our commitment to uplifting your individuality.

Through style and stories that captivate beyond the first glance.

Community Stories
Celebrating culture through meaning and design

Created in tribute to African culture, our timepieces feature traditional fabric and are named in honor of iconic African landmarks and regions.

As you discover our collection, you’ll uncover the heritage behind each of our designs.

Each watch tells a story of this heritage and how it has been passed down through generations, shared between ethnicities and exchanged interculturally across the globe.

Pursuing perfection at every stage

Each watch is specially crafted to be adorned and appreciated by all.

Our team sets high standards for itself. We offer a two-year guarantee on everything we create, so you can shop with confidence. From our founders, to our assembly team, to the artisans from whom we source our components, our design philosophy is simple: to create the finest possible Afrocentric products.

Timeless tradition is ready for you to seize.

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Cultivating community and uplifting individuality

Join us online as we share stories of boldness and self-expression, and shine a spotlight on our community members doing their thing.